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We have a well established Broadcast PR team dedicated to creating specialist broadcast campaigns for commercial brands, PR agencies and charities. Our division of experienced PR professionals are committed to securing significant and relevant media coverage across the key platforms – TV, radio and online.

Our relationship with crucial decision makers in the broadcast world is second to none. We provide a seamless, bespoke Broadcast PR service across industries for clients who are aiming to distribute creative brand messages to a larger target audience. We are well-adept at providing enviable consultancy around the clock.

USP Content boasts state-of-the-art in-house production facilities based in the heart of London; designed to create specialist, multi-platform content within a flexible and relaxed environment.

Our Broadcast PR Services

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We are currently running media training days for PR agencies and brands. If you would like to organise a meeting to discuss the services we provide, or just fancy a chat, please do get in touch.

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Why Radio?

For the first time in history, people are using technology and media more in their daily lives than they sleep. That media comes largely in the form of radio and television. Despite the growth in modern communications devices, social networks and digital platforms, television and radio remain the most popular. Even with the increased prevalence of screens in our daily lives, sound is still key.

RAJAR, the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, released their latest figures in August 2015, showing that RADIO IS STILL KING!

The most trustworthy form of media is radio. Radio consumption hasn’t changed, the way in which we consume the radio has.

More people than ever own DAB devices, capable of picking up digital stations in their homes and cars. This alongside increased growth in the mobile app services that radio stations provide, mean more people than ever before are tuning in and listening to the music and messages radio stations send over the airwaves.

“I’ve never underestimated the power of sound… the power of storytelling and how that stands out and resonated”.

Ryan Seacrest

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