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White Men In Capes

USP Content recently delivered a BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Story called White Men in Capes.

It was a co-production with Folder Media

The programme dealt with the lack of Ethnic Diversity amongst mainstream comic book characters:

“We now live in a comic book crazy world. The comic industry is a billion dollar business thanks to its money spinning movie franchises. But to be a billion dollar business, you need people of all colour and creed to buy into your product. So where are the black superheroes? Where are the Asian superheroes? Where are the Latino superheroes?

In this Radio 1 and 1Xtra Story, DJ Semtex, a self confessed comic book fanatic, delves into the world of comic books and asks where are the mainstream black and ethnic superheroes? We hear from students at Dundee University who are studying for a masters in comic book studies, a host of comic book writers and artists, as well as the Superhero factory that is DC Comics”

You can hear the programme in full here:

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