How To Be England Manager – BBC Three

//How To Be England Manager – BBC Three

How To Be England Manager – BBC Three

In <a href="http://www Look At” title=”How To Be England Manager” target=”_blank”>HOW TO BE ENGLAND MANAGER – passionate England fan Tim Lovejoy pulls together advice from former England Managers, players and celebrity fans to offer Roy Hodgson the best best possible support as he takes on the challenge of the country’s second most important job. Contributions from Sven-Goran Eriksson, Graham Taylor, John Gorman, John Barnes, Alan Davies, Al Murray, Ian Wright, Robbie Savage and many more.

Graham Taylor talks about how difficult it is to pick a squad after a long season when the players are either tired or injured or both! Sven remembers the heartbreak of telling players they weren’t in the team and reminds us that professional footballers need to be spoken to like adults. “You mustn’t talk sh*t to them”, as he puts it.

Tim will cover how the managers got the job – one manager thought he was being wound up when he received the call. He’ll discuss who is really in charge – is it the players? How helpful are the suits at the Sweet FA and how hacked off do managers and players get with the media?

What are the potential banana skins – penalties, Poles or in the case of Steve McClaren, precipitation? How do you keep the fans singing your praises and what style should the England manager display. Stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones says there is a direction correlation between lack of style and good results!

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