USP Content victorious at New York Radio Festival

It was a great night for USP Content, picking up two awards at the prestigious New York Radio Festival.

The company secured the GOLD Award for Best History Programme for The Austerity Games – the 1948 Olympics.

Presented by Barry Davies for <a href=" team task″ title=”BBC Radio 2″ target=”_blank”>BBC Radio 2, the show told the story of the last time London hosted the Olympics, a very different Games in a post-war environment.

[audio:|titles=Austerity Games]

In addition, A Week With The Cheeseheads won BRONZE in the fiercely competitive field of Sports Programming, a particularly impressive feat for a piece of non-Olympic programming in 2012.

Darren Fletcher traveled to Green Bay, home of the legendary Packers of the NFL. It’s a city that lives almost solely for the Packers, as BBC Radio 5 Live listeners discovered.